If you knew every recording,
every score and every book by heart

What would you do?

Let's find out together

Music Connection Machine is a large-scale open-source project
that will let you, us and everybody else
experience what it would be like.

Some examples
of what you'll be able to do

  • Instantly know the differences between various sheet music editions
  • Instantly hear how a place in a score sounds in various performances
  • Instantly spot the differences between multiple interpretations
  • See how composers influenced each other throughout the history
  • Know how musical pieces are connected by quotations and borrowings
  • See how close composers or musicians are based on their style

Featured Project

TuttiTempi, an interpretation comparison tool. Instantly see how various performances of the same piece vary in tempo and hear the differences between them by clicking on a place in a score or on the graph.


Your opinion matters

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